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Small Business Loans

Here at QuickBusinessLoans.co.uk we made it our mission to find the best small business loans in the UK. Not only do banks insist on a myriad of documents but they often reject finance going off your credit rating and needing years of accounts and taking weeks to give you a reply. With the economic state of the UK and job insecurity, running your own business has been the key factor for staying afloat in many people’s lives and often there are times where you can increase business activity just from having a little boost in cash on a short-term basis.

There are many small business loans companies out there, such as iwoca.co.uk, Funding Circle and more, but which ones are the best, easiest and quickest way to get cash in your account?

We’ve put together some key terms and connected those with the right company that might suit your needs:

Business Funding

Business funding is essential for growth, success and jumping on those opportunities that arise. Missing out on potential business activity from not having the capital to invest can ruin a business, and that’s why funding the right business with small business loans is very important to get right.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans are a lifeline for your business as you aren’t required to attach the loan to any of your assets. This means, that if you fail to pay you don’t lose whatever you attached the loan as you do with secured or fixed loans. Usually, unsecured small business loans come with a higher rate of interest and a shorter time-scale due to the fact that the lender is taking more of a risk with you.

Working Capital Loans

Having run many successful businesses, we know that getting small business loans or a quick cash injection to help production, increase sales activity, smooth out any slow periods or buy stock or equipment can have enormous effects on a business. Working capital loans or short-term loans (usually within an 12 month period) can give you the credit you need to succeed or get by.

Amazon Loans

Amazon loans are fairly recent loans available for sellers that want to expand, buy more stock in readiness for a busy period, for example, Black Friday or the Christmas rush, or that want to expand their Amazon business. Many millions of people sell on Amazon yet are stuck in a vicious spiral wanting to grow their business but without the capital to do so. Having an Amazon loan can help this as lenders such as iwoca.co.uk use your sales data to decide on the amount they can lend to you. You also pay iwoca back from a percentage your future sales, giving you so much more flexibility and room for growth.

eBay Loans

eBay loans are similar to Amazon loans, whereby again lenders such as iwoca.co.uk offer you a sum from your sales data. If you’re a Power Seller and want to expand your business, increase products for sale and essentially leap forward instead of waiting for revenue to build up, you can do. An eBay loan is similar to a cash advance whereby you use the money for your business on eBay, pay iwoca.co.uk back over a set period of months for the small business loans from the new sales you receive. The beauty of this type of loan is that iwoca.co.uk are essentially helping you grow maybe even a few years ahead of what you had originally projected.

Fast Business Funding

Fast business funding is what most businesses need. Banks and inflexible lenders can take forever to assign the money over to you. They want reams and reams of paperwork, sent by post, but that doesn’t suit the fast-paced age we live in today. You need a fast business loan that lets you send digital documents over to the lender, such as bank statements, proof of ID and business details, and within minutes you can have the money in your business account. It’s really that simple nowadays.

How Quick Business Loans.co.uk can Help

We have used the above lenders. We have spoken to their managing directors and employees. We understand how their business works. They told us they speak to their customers to get an understanding of their businesses, and give them loans to suit their needs. It’s not like olden-day loans any more. They are here to help. They make money from the low-rate APR interest they attach to loans. They give you instant cash advances, you spend it on your business needs and pay it back over a set period of months. Even if you have poor credit or bad credit, you can still apply and still get accepted.

Applying for a small business loan usually means you want the cold hard cash there and then, or at least within a day or two, and that’s where lending capital from a trusted source such as iwoca comes into play. You can normally get the money in your account super-fast. A few checks, a few emails or a phone call if you prefer, and you can have the money in your business bank account in no time. It’s this speedy way of doing things that has made the company the number 1 choice for small business loans and it why iwoca has branched out into Europe as it is a company that has a tried and tested way of lending. Low interest charges and flexible ways of paying as well as short or longer term loan repayments means it can be so useful for most business.

It’s worth trying iwoca.co.uk for small business loans to make the most of your business and get that cash injection that you really need to move your company forward.

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